Finding the right merchant account provider for your retail business can be a tricky process. There are thousands of merchant account providers to choose from with all sorts of rates and fees associated with them. So how can you possibly save your time and money making the right decisions for your business?

Well the first typical move for a business owner would be to jump onto a popular search engine, type in "merchant account" and start searching through each merchant account providers website right? Well the thing is that when you type in those keywords you'll be matched with over 75 million merchant account websites!!! Now tell me, who has the time to find a legitimate, merchant account website that won’t charge them thousands of dollars a year in hidden fees claiming they have the lowest rates on the internet? That's exactly the problem with finding a legitimate merchant account processor over the internet.

You need a company that you can trust to compare multiple merchant account quotes with while saving your time and money. Stop stressing yourself out from searching through the millions of merchant account websites that are out there to charge you tons of hidden fees. The solution is here and it's PayOne Solutions, Inc. They take your current processing statement, and make the banks compete for your business guaranteeing you get the lowest processing rates and on top of that they throw in up to $1000.00 of Free POS Equipment, which means you never have to pay for your equipment ever again. The choice is simple; you want the lowest rate with absolutely no hidden fees with no equipment costs for your retail business?

Then visit or call 1-877-876-4456 for your free merchant account quote and let the banks compete for your business, not the other way around!