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The Biography of Angela Merkel: Something About Great Leadership by The Bestselling Author: Roger K. Olsson

Nothing is as great as having a great leader who puts the people's interests first before any other thing. The effect of having great leadership is something that benefits both the governed and the leader.

This book titled The Biography of Angela Merkel shows the features a great leader should possess. Merkel, who was raised in East Germany, became the first woman leader in the history of Germany. She is the first chancellor to have stayed such long in office. In the course of her reign, she encountered many difficulties, critics, and setbacks, but due to her mastery of compromise, she was able to sort all these issues out. Merkel as a leader believes in less confrontation and working together with her people. She adopts the "step-by-step" approach in governing her people.

This book will serve as a guide and direction to those aspiring to enter into politics and leadership roles and those that are currently in politics. Anyone that reads this book will learn how to face some challenges of life and be able to solve the issues of life.

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