When you think of all the ski resorts in the world one
of them stands out inyour mind. Aspen offers a
variety of ski areas for all levels and it covers
4,500 acres or more spread over four mountains.
This resort is known for itsnightlife because of the
downtown area and the quieter Snowmass resort area
has something to offer everyone.

Aspen provides all the restaurants and bars you
could ever want or need You can take a stroll
through this luxurious city and find many boutiques
and much more. There is a lot of history in many of
the buildings that are in the downtown area. One of
these buildings is the Ute bank; this building can be
dated back to the silver area around the 1800ís.

With everything that there is to do in Aspen you
shouldnít find yourself getting bored. Aspen is
located in Colorado, and with the various mountain
ranges, you are sure to find slopes that are suitable
for your level. Snowmass is one of the most popular
resorts in the world, so be sure to make reservations
well in advance.