Distribution of wealth

Research reveals the fact that more than two thirds of adult people own less than $10000 in personal wealth which represents approximately 3% of the total global wealth. This research also shows that relatively wealthy people that is those with assets exceeding $100,000 represent less than 9% of the global population and yet they control over 85% of the available global wealth. Furthermore, it is known that the majority of millionaires is located in European and Western countries. More than two thirds of this species are found in North America and Europe and when looking at the US alone they are host to 43% of the worlds millionaires. Outside of the Western hemisphere the countries with mentionable mention as far as millionaires is concerned is Korea, Japan and China.  Those people with personal wealth exceeding $30 million own almost 13% of the available global wealth and yet they represent only 1% of the global population. The 10 wealthiest people on Forbes list of billionaires combined has considerably more money than countries such as Nigeria, Iran and Belgium.

Wealth realities

When looking at global health distribution it quickly becomes that the super-rich such as Carlos Slim Helú from Mexico, the investor Warren Buffet and Bill Gates from Microsoft have an extraordinary amount of global wealth centralized between them and this makes them very big shots as far as the global economy is concerned. The question asked by average people is how does this influence them and is it really a good thing that individual billionaires has that much influence? Many people when questioned will condemn such inequality but economist with evidence based on intensive research may not agree. There seem to be evidence that inequality can boost economic growth because the super-rich is in the position to concentrate their wealth where it can do the most good and actually benefit people indirectly involved in those ventures. Being extraordinary rich makes it possible to finance other people’s initiatives and in doing so create opportunities for people who may otherwise be left out in the cold. Also, their tax contributions enable government to accomplish much more and these billionaires have often multiple programs in place that makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

Billionaires making a difference

There can be no doubt that billionaires with open hands and hearts such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates with their giving pledge promotion is making a huge difference to many communities. In the end one must remember that wealth is accumulated by carefully keeping to established business principals that involves income, expected growth, expenditures, budgeting and available finance and the primary objective of that business is to prosper and therefore money donated or used to finance exterior initiatives likewise have to be carefully managed and those initiatives must be worthwhile and should make a notable difference in the lives of many people.

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