Corona virus medicine / vaccine COVID-19 medicine today - There is already a finished medicine for Corona virus (COVID-19) in Finland.

Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy (FARON) already has Corona medicine, the Finnish news magazines. Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy has been testing medicine called Traumakine, possibly suitable for COVID-19 as well. Orginally medicine was developed for ARDS (white lung disease) where symptoms are very similar to that of the Corona virus. Tests in the UK show that death rates decreased 80% and patients get out of emergency situations very fast.

New a number of different sales licenses are underway for the company and in the US concerned authorities have already promised quick approval. Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy says that they can already have enough medicine for all of Finland today.

Yesterday, the share on the Helsinki Stock Exchange doubled, but the continuation depends on how quickly a license is in place and what is needed for a Corona medicine or vaccine. Read more!

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