I have just finished my analysis of penny stocks that are low-valued today, stocks that I think will double their value over the next few years! In my analysis, I have assumed indications of factors that make these stocks more important to analyze based on a historical perspective of the company. But I have also taken into account a number of risk factors that occur when trading penny stocks. It is higher risks involved investing in penny stocks and it is a fact that most stocks that fall down to a market capitalization of $1 are usually denied from the stock exchange before or later, and investors are discontinued with their investment. However, it is not quite unusual that these stocks that have a penny stock status usually rise sharply in value.
Here is the current watch list I made public today 2018-11-04 for a penny stock portfolio.

1. Japan Gold Corp. TSX-V:JG
2. AK Steel Holdings Corp. NYSE:AKS
3. Alexandria Minerals Corp. TSX-V:AZX
4. Novavax Inc. NASDAQ:NVAX
5. PDL Biopharma Inc. NASDAQ: PDLI
6. Seaenergy Martime Holdings NASDAQ: SHIP
7. Vostok Emerging Finance VEMFSDB:FN Stockholm
8. International Lithium Corp. TSXV:ILC