Boards and Commissions advise 2018-11-02

How do I fund my project in a sustainable way so that I can get started with the business and to create the incentives that are most important for harmonious development based on needs and demand? We have discussed this during many matters in board meetings. If we had an easy way to steadily move forward in the different stages of development, then we probably would not have had all the knowledge about this with us in the skills. Now that we have encountered various restrictions and barriers out there, we have also reached a new level into a process that is of a more distinctive nature and very realistic in all that we enter. What has grown out of all the issues raised in the constuctive dialouge is the structure that the project and the company will manage. Fantastic, right? Purely theoretically, this is what you call entrepreneurship for professional experience or business standing with the continuing development (project management). Let me explain structurally how the business plan system can be developed. The options are many and very crucial for the company's culture and further development. The first thing to consider in the financing issue is of course a long-term loan with a good interest rate (companies can get such loans from the Deutsche Bank). The second is to try to find more owners of the business and thus bring new capital to development. Last but not least, you have your "God" with you, so you can get a tax-free gift from above. Of course, I am referring to crowdfunding, which has become an increasingly common phenomenon in which capitalists simply support the project they are aware of and which in some way relate to them.

To explain simply and at the same time summarize our business plan, which of course does not work for all businesses to implement as result of a shortcut to success, this is based on an individual review. So we have a versatile but limited leadership of the business and the project has so far identified some crucial steps for the development process. We have to report this to our investors and for the support we have received and which we need. You agree, first and foremost, that a business activity should be sustainable from the outset so that the economic calculation is optimized, so to say. We have allocated an initial capital for development, promoted from individual savings, but also from a number of donations. This capital must be managed in such a way that it results in return on capital and steady continuous income for business development. Getting started with the launch and sale of products as soon as possible is extremely important, as it provides revenue in a very short time. But perhaps the most important thing about having a product to market is to get an effective opportunity to integrate the company with the market, but it can be a cost-effective development step if marketing is done properly.

The two other factors that concern future financing of production, product development, structure and marketing of the company are equally important to discuss openly, in order to exchange knowledge and experience, and to make decisions more wise. The bank loans is a question we still treat today as a tool for tax reduction in profits within the company. However, the first factor is, of course, the leadership, we need to add business expertise. Here we would like to see an alternative in any type of joint venture agreement, we also value a direct ownership in the company that provides reliable business skills. Such a direct ownership may be a person who have knowledge and experience of investment banking, financing, fund management, or what is specific to the business, beer production, and brewery development. Here we provide these persons to contact us for a equity share.

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Giuelith Breweries GmbH
CEO Roger K. Olsson