So you've heard about the stock market right? How about the foreign exchange market or forex for short? What about day trading? Did you know that there are now very affordable ways to be your on broker by doing online trading? That's ok not many people who don't do this stuff every day know much about this otherwise excellent opportunity too make many investment dollars. So you are getting in at a good time before there is a glut of investors creating competition and parity and driving profit potential way down.

In the foreign exchange people exchange their money into different (foreign currencies) according to how they think the economy of that country compares with others and/or the public perception there of. Just like in the stock market if you buy low and sell high you make money. And the potential is there to make a lot of money in online trading depending on how knowledgeable you are about international economies and how current events affect people and their confidence or lack thereof in any given economy. People who know the systems whether it is the stock market or foreign exchange and are therefore willing to invest and assume that risk, will make money.

So how do you learn online trading? Well one way is to just strike out on your own and learn by making good and bad choices (hopefully more good than bad!) and weather those first few stormy years before they get good enough to be profitable. The other way (which I prefer) is to learn from those who have gone before and have made the mistakes learning valuable lessons. Basically if you can gain experience without the risks you can start out making a profit. Sounds great right? Sounds worth a small upfront and one-time cost to get this valuable knowledge?

Let me assure you that it definitely is, but you have to be careful. Just like in the rest of life you have to discern between good and bad advice. So look at the track records of the people offering online trading advice. How long have they been at the game? Are they well known in the industry? Are they upfront people, willing to talk with you about their product? When you find this "mentor" latch on to their system and learn it well. This really is your best chance to have good success without the pain of large financial loss from stupid mistakes.

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