When was the last time you took a long critical look at your business card?

I'd bet you haven't really thought about it since you initially got them printed.

Let's stop for just a moment and ask, what is the point of your business card? Is it to simply fill the wallets of prospective clients, or is it something that should be driving more sales to your business?

I bet you answered in the latter. So what should your business card look like then?

A few of the essential things it must contain:
1. What your company can do for the customer
2. What you personally do, if its not obvious from the business description
3. Your name,
4. Your best contact number (don't use a switchboard number, use your direct number and
show your cell-phone number)
5. Your company's name

I have listed the criteria for the business card in a particular order. Do you notice something strange? I have put the company's name last!

Your business card should be a "mini" sales letter for your business.

The card should have an attention grabbing headline, that will attract prospects like a magnet.

Imagine if you where a plumber, your headline could read something like
"Need a plumber, we are only 8 minutes away!"

Don't you think it would grab someone's attention, especially if they desperately needed a plumber and were frantically looking around for your card, while standing knee deep in water from a leaking toilet.

The last thing they want to do is try and remember what your company name is, so they can call you.

Make sure you include a proper working telephone number, its amazing the number of cards I have received, that have a disconnected number on it.

Include your cell-phone's number as well. Its will make getting hold of you even easier.

Include your company name last.. Its the least important thing on your card.
Just remember the old marketing saying " No-one is interested in your business, they are only interested in what you can do for them"

So think about turning your business card into a sales magnet..

Maybe its time for a re-think and possibly a redesign of your existing business card.

Remember, it should be your 'mini' salesman in a client's wallet.

You want the card to keep reminding the client every time they see it, with what you do and what you can do for them.