Business Selling Process (Simple)

1. Determining the fair market value of the business
2. Set Preparing all books and records for prospective buyers
3. Putting the business on the market
4. Dealing with the potential buyer
5. Recieving an offer
6. Negociation - Price, Terms, and Condition
7. Accepting an offer
8. Provide all necessary books and records to the buyer
9. Work with the buyer to remove all contingencies of the contract
10. Signing the closing statement (1~3 days before the closing date at the escrow)
11. The night before the closing date
12. The closing date

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Roger K. Olsson, Certified Federal Enmergency Management Coordinator is been based in London, UK, but live in Lapland, Sweden since 2009 and leads the metals and mining division of the commodity trading and management group. He has more than 20 years of experience as an industry executive and consultant to the global metals and mining industries. He works with leading companies in the areas of strategy, management and acquistitions, business intermediation and transformation. He is the founder of the Giuelith Investment Company and is a recognized specialist on mining issues and development. Board of Director at

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