By LaVerne Adekunle, PhD

Most Amazing People are those which are professionals and experts in their relevant fields like education, business, entertainment, health, stress management, homemakers and government. In fact, all those people who practically work for the benefit of society in a positive and effective manner are the most amazing people.

We are conducting a summit that will be a worldwide programme that centers on the alleviation of stress and anxiety from personal and society issues in order to improve the mental health of the attendees. M.A.P. generally has an organizational structure, it works along with different professionals to conduct events, webinars that provide awareness regarding the importance of physical and mental health in the society. Now M.A.P. is trying to improve its outreach by increasing its recruitment and assigning each city with a director and bigger cities with more than one leader.

The four point’s agenda of MAP include:

1.    The improvement of the mental health of the people so that they actively perform and cope for the benefit of their family and society.

2.    To provide awareness regarding the importance of physical fitness and self-development.

3.    How to handle bullying and social media “trolls”.

4.    Maximizing the management of stress, anxiety and depression.

This program will require a director from each city to take a role as a volunteer leader. Some larger cities may have more than one director. This campaign will be a team effort involving community support.

A most crucial and central role in the campaign of Most Amazing People (M.A.P.) organized by laExpose’ Production, a 501c3, a non-profit organization. This NGO is aspiring to strengthen the needs of communities; the goals are to increase its reach to 100 speakers in every city throughout the globe with the objective of "each one reach".

Although the strategic goals of the M.A.P. are focused around the above mentioned four-point agenda. But at tactical and operational level M.A.P. is conducting certain campaigns for the production of the documentary feature film, podcast, and webinars. M.A.P. also plan to submit it’s project to the Points of Light and MADD ‘’Make a Difference Day’’ annual event. Participants are encouraged that everyone is important and 1 in 5 people deals with mental health issues. We can make a difference for the well being of our family and society.