As the title sounds, is the largest and most unfair society structure completely open and nothing is done about it? The world must therefore have access to an independent information and knowledge base for individuals and organizations. Over a year, I've followed how Google, the biggest search engine on the internet, mistakenly steered my web traffic and information for the benefit of American interests. Awful! Individuals and organizations that register domain names today can see their websites tripped by the Google Search Service by strategically stealing the paid web traffic. An example of this is with, where Google has put a box that says "Did you mean a "salaresort!" And after a search, respective visitors land to the sala resort where is the first result. This is a high level of fraud , it is also defined in the US state as "the national interest." Imagine how unfair economic values ​​are created on, for example, NASDAQ on unfounded grounds against all other equity markets in the world.

Act before an independent search engine and information database where everyone has equal terms and a fair opportunity.